Vord's Mall

The Mall

Project brief

To design a mall, with lockup shops of different sizes 



Simple but out of the box design 


The location

Victoria Island 


Scope of Project

2 designs that with different approaches: one is conservative and the other is contemporary architecture.  


About the design 

In the first design which is rather conservative, the north facade is more closed off and concealed with Aluminium cladding on the front facade and small Patterned openings to give it a contemporary feel. 

A pastiche of contemporary Architecture, the second design saw the team playing with extruded shapes and glass for the front facades.


Project lead

Arc. Seyi Oyebode 


Recreation Centre

Project brief

The client wanted asked us for a space that could be described as cozy and relaxing but was in itself unique. 



Modern and Minimalist design


Scope of Project

The recreation center houses an events center, children's area, multi purpose hall, some shops, a bar, a swimming pool and a tennis court.


About the design

A modern take on recreation centers, we strived to make the design of this recreation both modern and minimalistic.The facade design was done in such a way that the design speaks for itself. Using muted tones and extruded forms, emphasis was placed on highlighting the vertical elements with well defined horizontal lines. The site was populated with green spaces to add a pop of colour to the site and also to give the design the visual balance it required.


Project Team

Arc. Seyi Oyebode & Peter Adeniran

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