Big Brother Naija

Project Description

Primestack was commissioned to oversee the design and construction of the Big Brother Naija house, having previously completed an interior design project for an executive of Multi-Choice Nigeria. The design phase of the project began in July, 2018 and spanned over a 5 month period ending in November, 2018. Within that time, 5 different design options were developed and presented to the clients in a series of meetings.


The Brief. The Process

The property was to serve multiple functions. Primarily, as a set for the reality TV show, but also as an auditorium for live shows, as well as the living quarters for the twenty-one housemates. For those who followed the show, you will most likely be able to identify a host of other functions that would have been required at the time our design team began working on the project. This was one of our biggest challenges. How do you house that many functions and that many people under the same roof, neither interfering with the other?


Another unique challenge was that the clients wanted “an ugly/inconspicuous building”. This was due to the nature of the show, as they wanted to ensure the building would blend in with the existing environment and not draw attention to itself. To achieve this and gain a better understanding of the scope and requirements, we made a two-week trip to South Africa to carry out a case study on the facility used for the show last year. This visit informed the different design proposals that were put forth, ultimately leading to the final approved design.


Construction Marathon

The construction phase of the project took place between January, 2019 and June, 2019, with 90% of the resources and materials put into the building being locally sourced. Everything from furniture to fabrics are “Proudly Naija”, most especially the stunning murals on the walls created by Left Eye Signatures.

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